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Our Mission & History

    For 55 years, Watson Wood Music's impact on and contribution to Greenville's music community is remarkable and immeasurable. Thousands of guitarists have taken lessons at Watson Wood, many interested in just having fun playing classic songs and riffs. There is also a long list of guitar students who have gone on to accomplish great things after taking lessons with Charlie Wood, Steve Watson, or one of the other professional instructors on staff.  

    Established in its current location by acclaimed guitarist Charlie Wood as the Greenville Music Center in 1964, the lesson studio and retail shop was renamed Watson Wood Music in 1990 with the return to Greenville of one of Mr. Wood's most successful students, L.A. studio guitarist Steve Watson. The tradition of musical education that Charlie Wood started and then passed on to Steve Watson is built on professional, dedicated, and educated musicians sharing the joy of music with their students. 

    Our roster of incredible teachers continues to share the same two simple goals for our students that Charlie Wood and Steve Watson had for their students: 1) Always learn, and 2) Have fun. What makes our teachers incredible is not that they are highly accomplished and in demand musicians in the area, which they are, but rather it is that they consistently help students achieve goals in a friendly and relaxed environment that focuses on a well rounded, balanced, and disciplined approach to music education.

    Our reputation as the Upstate's leader in music education is built on our teachers' musical skills, friendliness, and professionalism. We seek to nurture students' curiosity, music appreciation, and positive motivation by taking an interest in each student's unique gifts and personality. We believe whole heartedly in the powerful and positive effects that studying music has on the brain, cognitive abilities, and emotional well being, effects which reverberate for each student's lifetime. 

    With Charlie Wood's passing at the age of 90 in 2014, and Steve Watson's transition away from the store in August 2018, the torch of tradition has passed from Charlie Wood and Steve Watson to several of Greater Greenville's finest musicians. Come join us!

Come be a part of a Greenville music tradition!

Charlie Wood, with a young student

Charlie Wood, with a young student